7 Common Laptop Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Date Posted:17 June 2022 

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When buying a new laptop, the average person uses that computer for around five to eight years. This means that the laptop you choose will influence your life for years after you buy it. Because of this, making the right choice is essential. 

This is why it is important to be aware of common laptop shopping mistakes. If you know what mistakes you could make, you can know how to avoid them. Let’s look at seven of these mistakes now!

1. Choosing the Wrong Operating System

Your computer’s operating system is one of the most fundamental parts of the experience it provides. A PC, a Macbook, and a Chromebook are all different types of laptops that have a few key differences. 

When picking your computer, you need to make sure you are picking the right operating system. What system you go with is up to your personal preference. However, it should be the system that conforms to your needs. 

For example, you may have work programs or games that only run on Windows operating systems. So, if you open your new laptop and it isn’t the operating system you need, you will be unable to install your programs on it. 

2. Choosing the Wrong Size

A laptop is meant to be portable. You can bring it with you from home to work or to and from a coffee shop. So, the size and weight of the laptop matter. 

If you will be using your laptop in a variety of different places, you may want a smaller one. This way, it is light to carry around and you can set it up wherever you want. A larger laptop will weigh down your backpack and may be too big to use in some places, such as an airplane. 

However, if you need a larger screen for work or for games, you may need a larger laptop. Just be aware that it will be a bit heavier. 

When buying laptops online, it may be hard to imagine the size. Try to draw out the dimensions it lists on a piece of paper, so you can physically see how big it will be. 

3. Not Enough Storage

All computers have a limited amount of storage. However, some are even more limited than others. 

You want to ensure that your laptop will not be too limited when it comes to storage. Consider how much space your current computer uses. 

You can always buy an external hard drive if you run out of space. However, using one of these can be a bit cumbersome and isn’t always ideal. This is why having enough storage right from the start is so helpful. 

4. Not Enough Battery Life

Laptops are meant to be mobile and are meant to run on battery. However, limited battery life can seriously limit that mobility. 

Consider how often your computer will be unplugged. If you are looking for laptops for work, you may exclusively work at desks where your laptop is always attached to a charger. In this case, battery life may not be a big concern. 

However, if you travel with your laptop, you may need a better battery. Make sure the listing indicates that it will have enough battery life for what you need. No one wants to be in the middle of an important piece of work when their laptop suddenly dies on them. 

5. Not Powerful Enough

Most computer programs have certain requirements in order to run properly. If your laptop is not powerful enough to meet these requirements, then it will either not run the program or will run it poorly. Even the new Windows 11 requires 4GB of RAM and at least 64GB of storage. 

This is particularly important for video editing or intense video games. Both of these programs require a computer with a decently powerful processor and a good graphics card. 

If you mostly use your computer for basic internet browsing and typing documents, this may not be a concern. However, if you use complex programs, you should be aware of their requirements and ensure your new computer meets these requirements. 

6. Unnecessary Features

When comparing laptop prices, you want to be sure that you are getting the most out of every dollar you spend. Spending money on unnecessary features ruins this objective. 

Consider exactly what you need your laptop for and aim for that. If you don’t need a variety of features, there is no reason to add them to your computer. 

For example, disk drives have mostly become a thing of the past. They can make your laptop bulkier and can even drive up the cost. So, if you don’t think you need a disk drive, you don’t need to pay extra for one. 

7. Not Enough Ports

Many popular laptop brands are ditching certain ports. However, if your job or hobbies require you to often use those ports, you should find a laptop that has them. 

One port that is disappearing from many computers is an SD card slot. Yet, many quality cameras use an SD card to store all of their photos and videos. If you work with a camera like this, you either have to buy a laptop with an SD card slot or buy an accessory that will function as an adapter. 

USB ports are often limited as well. If you need to plug in a mouse, keyboard, and microphone, you may need more USB ports than some laptops will supply. 

This is the case for many different ports. Essentially, if you find yourself often using a specific port, you should make sure that your new laptop has that port. 

Avoiding Laptop Shopping Mistakes

Making laptop shopping mistakes can have some rough consequences on your ability to use your new computer. However, knowing the common mistakes and keeping them in mind can help you avoid them. This way, you can pick out a laptop that will suit all of your needs!

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